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Easy and comfortable access from the main road of Chania. 6 minutes from the center on foot.

Comfortable and safe parking areas

Company description.

Car park and large capacity laundry. The nearest parking lot in the center of Chania.

Parking Ermis covers all your needs. If you are in the center for a few hours or are going to stay a few days, work in the center or live in the wider area, you can park your car comfortably and safely in our parking lot. We have the most modern and economical parking in the city center. Forget the steep dark closed and dangerous ramps that trouble you and your car. Cars are picked up by our experienced staff and parked each in its own space.

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The Parking consists of one floor with a large capacity. Throughout the floor there are fire safety and fire fighting equipment as well as closed circuit monitoring. The "Ermis" car park has experienced staff who take care of parking your car for you quickly and safely, completely free of charge.


Car wash

Park your car and at the same time trust our experienced staff who are inside the station, where they can hand wash it for you economically. Save time and money. Contact us for information within the Office.

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